Aswang Tribe NFTs

Aswang Tribe NFT Overview

Project Information

Aswang Tribe is a collection of 3,333 utility NFTs inspired by Filipino mythology.

The diverse art of Aswang Tribe is designed not only to reflect the vast breadth of Filipino mythology but is also crafted to be truly inclusive and to have a wide cross-cultural appeal

Each Aswang gains "Prayer Levels" the longer a holder !prays (stakes).

The longer an Aswang !prays, the rarer its halo appears in the background of the NFT.

There are 7 Prayer Levels that an Aswang can earn, and 7 corresponding background halos to be discovered.

The highest Prayer Level can only be unlocked by !praying for 333 years.

The collection contains:

1111 Tikbalang (Badass Horses)

1111 Siyokoy (Chad Fish Guys)

1111 Duwende (QT Mushrooms)

This collection will eventually be joined by 3333 Manananggal (Demon E-girls).