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Bear Game is a staking and breeding game featuring pixel Fishermen that earn a the $SALMON token. Staked Fishermen generate 10,000 $SALMON per day and must be staked for at least two days. Users must pay a 20% tax of their earned $SALMON to the Bears to be able to claim their $SALMON. All Staked Bears split the 20% tax on $SALMON at the time that it’s claimed by Fishermen.

The amount of $SALMON gained by an individual Bear depends on its value ranking. Bears are ranked Wild (lowest), Bronze, Silver, and Gold (highest). The Bears also have a 50% chance of stealing all of a Fishermen's $SALMON when an owner chooses to unstake their Fisherman. Each generation 1 mint from the project has a 10% chance of being stolen by staked Bears.

The total supply cap for $SALMON tokens is 5 billion with 2.4 billion of the supply in the staking faucet, 2 billion being allocated to community rewards, and 600 million being kept by the developers. 

The project is similar in nature to Wolf Game. 

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