The Beeings NFTs

The Beeings NFT Overview

Project Information

The Beeings is a collection of 10,000 unique and creative hand-drawn bees on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is founded by @ethkyler, and all artwork is hand-drawn by @leonkarssen. Leon's art has landed him collaborations with Lakai shoes and articles in Thrasher Magazine. The Beeings is a project for the community to empower each holder.

The Beeings have an expansive roadmap with many plans. First and foremost The Beeings want to save the bees and will raise and donate money to charity to do so. Various types of events are in the works that holders will be able to attend for free and gain VIP access. The Beeings are also starting a mini-documentary film series titled "Beeing..." which will focus on and interview people from various walks of life. Additionally, more content The Beeings are creating is a magazine that highlights creativity within the community and will reward certain holders each month.