Buried Treasure Awaits?

Buried Treasure Awaits?
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All Treasure Mapz have been airdropped to all Captainz waitlist holders, according to a tweet from Memeland this morning

Why It Matters: Treasure Mapz are being provided to all waitlist holders and anyone who joined the Captainz mint, even if they were unsuccessful in minting a Captainz, providing an entry to the Memeland ecosystem for a variety of new holders. 

Action Items: 

  • To claim their Treasure Mapz, users can check the dashboard on Memeland.com with their mint wallet. 
  • Users can also claim one extra Mapz by opting into the "I Got a Mapz" social campaign, offered within the dashboard on Memeland. 

What's Next: Memeland is currently working on a feature that allows users to send (and perhaps trade?) their Treasure Mapz. 

By The Numbers: The Memeland ecosystem has had a volatile week, below find the respective floor prices at the time of writing:

  • Potatoz, 1.94 ETH
  • You The Real MVP, 38 ETH
  • Captainz, 5.00 ETH
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