$MEME Will Set Sail Soon (Probably)

$MEME Will Set Sail Soon (Probably)

The CEO of 9GAG confirmed plans to launch $MEME token, with a focus on building a secure and sustainable web3 company.

The Deets

  • $MEME launch confirmed by 9GAG's CEO...coming soon (probably)
  • $MEME aims to make Memeland a leading web3 company
  • Memeland exercising extreme focus on compliance with legal standards, recognizing the risk many tokens face

The Bulk

The launch of $MEME Coin forms part of a broader strategy to position Memeland as a top web3 company. Acknowledging the risks associated with tokens that have poor legal structures, the 9GAG affirmed his commitment to creating a secure and legally-compliant token. This sentiment was echoed in Memeland's announcement that they would be partnering with Tju Liang Chua, head of blockchain & digital assets at Drew & Napier, and the General Counsel of the Ethereum Foundation, for its corporate matters.

🎤 Founder Feedback:

We must plan and act accordingly when our goal is to make @Memeland a top web3 company and @memecoin a top token... It's not worth it for us to have a little more money but become criminals or fugitives. We must ensure that our actions are legally sound for our family, team, and community.9GAG CEO

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