The Co2 Zero NFT NFTs

The Co2 Zero NFT NFT Overview

Project Information

Co2Zero is the world's first WEB3.0 protocol for personal carbon neutral NFT and carbon asset trading and circulation.

The Co2Zero team's vision is to strive for global carbon neutrality by 2050 through the empowerment of individual low-carbon lifestyles through blockchain and NFT. The Co2Zero NFT is designed to guide individuals to actively participate in carbon neutrality, in order to document and develop a personal low carbon lifestyle and receive the ultimate glory and reward.

Co2Zero relies on Alibaba Cloud's technology accumulation and operation experience in the low-carbon field and provides low-carbon technical support to actively expand global customers. The project seeks to empower individuals' low-carbon lives from five perspectives: carbon tracking, carbon data, carbon asset management, carbon trading, and carbon sinks. In the future, users can not only get paid for low-carbon behavior but also socialize with Co2Zero products.