The Currency Exhibition Is Open in London

The Currency Exhibition Is Open in London
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HENI has opened The Currency Exhibition by Damien Hirst. Located at the Newport Street Gallery in London, England, the Exhibition will be open until October 30.

The Currency Exhibition features the 4,851 physical pieces of art from The Currency that collectors chose to keep in its NFT form. After being displayed, the pieces will be physically burned in the gallery. Holders of The Currency NFT collection were given one year to decide whether to burn the NFT for a physical copy of the artwork, or keep the NFT, burning the physical copy at this exhibition.

HENI announced that the Pharmacy Cafe at Newport Street Gallery will be open through October 30 as well. The Pharmacy Cafe will have exclusive access for members of the HENI community. Members will be allowed a plus one.

The Currency Chronicles (Vol. II) will collect feedback at the exhibition, all attendees are encouraged to submit their thoughts. HENI Publishing Books will be available at the Cafe for reading pleasure. A Pharmacy HENI Attendance Token (HAT) will be available to claim for attendees, as well as a HAT for those who only visit the Exhibition.



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