Dreamers NFTs

Dreamers NFT Overview

Project Information

Dreamers is collection of 15,000 16-bit NFTs created by Bitlectro Labs, creators of Dreamloops. Dreamers tries to blend audio and visual together in a single NFT. Each NFT features music by STRFKR member Keil Corcoran with musical contributions from Arian Jalali also of the band STRFKR.

Each Dreamer token holder will also be able to utilize their Dreamer in voxel form within The Sandbox Metaverse post-launch. 

The Bitlectro team is releasing Dreamers in three phases that include an airdrop for current Dreamloops holders (must hold two at time of snapshot), a whitelist presale, and a public sale.  

There is also a game on the project's roadmap called "Dreamlands." The project described Dreamlands as a "battle arena" which allows collectors to put Dreamers against each other in an "automated but provably fair battle". There will be an entry fee and prizes for each battle. Collectors will be able to level up their Dreamers with character wearables and modifiers. An early screen cap of the game can be seen here.