Enigma Economy NFTs

Enigma Economy NFT Overview

Project Information

Enigma Economy NFT is a collection of up to 8,000 stake-able, pickaxe-carrying miners.

When staked, the miner NFTs are rewarded with rewards, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other DAO-voted coins, from a real world blockchain mining company. According to the team, 40 to 60 percent of all primary sales will go back to the mining facility.

Each NFT has a specific rarity based on background, race, accessories, and pickaxe. The pickaxe has a specific rarity based on pommel, head, type, shaft, charm, and skin. The rarer the character and pickaxe, the more rewards staked characters will earn.

A common pickaxe is worth 1.0x, a rare pickaxe is worth 1.2x, an epic pickaxe is worth 1.4x, and the legendary pickaxe is worth 1.6x. 

They are also implementing a DAO to continue to scale up the company. Each NFT is one vote in the DAO to help make future funding decisions.