The KILLAz NFT Overview

Project Information

The KILLAz is a collection of 9,971 fighters living on the Ethereum blockchain. KILLAz NFT holders have access to the KILLAz metaverse and player verse player fighting game. Each KILLAz NFT represents its own unique mercenary character with traits that can be upgraded and changed within the KILLAz metaverse.  Each KILLAz NFT can earn $KILL utility tokens, which can be wagered against real opponents in the KILLAz PVP fighting game or used to buy and upgrade items and traits. Holders in the KILLAz metaverse also have access to "Crash City", an immersive metaverse where holders can explore, socialize, buy weapons for the PVP game, and attend live metaverse events.