The Last Raptor NFTs

The Last Raptor NFT Overview

Project Information

The Last Raptor is a collection of 1,923 Raptor NFTs. The count is 1923 because that was the first year a Velociraptor fossil was discovered.

The story behind The Last Raptor tells of a Velociraptor who miraculously survived the meteor shower that killed off the rest of Earth's dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. The lonely raptor roamed around earth alone and took 1923 pictures of himself before mysteriously vanishing. 

Owning a Raptor NFT grants the owner access to the exclusive #RaptorsClub. Members will have access to an internal marketplace where merchandise can be bought as well as the right to several high-quality products based on the NFT. Holders will also have access to a cutting edge NFT portfolio optimizer which gives special privileges to "The Last Raptor" holders.

This tool will have multiple tiers of service, and some features will be charged. However, all of these features will remain free forever for “The Last Raptor” holders.

The roadmap states that there will be an additional NFT drop containing 10,000 items, all with a unique utility. Raptor holders will be able to mint one NFT free per Raptor owned. Lastly, the community DAO will be established to allow members to determine story arcs for the raptor's fate in the autonomous zone and real world to show which path should be taken forward.