The Mekabots NFTs

The Mekabots NFT Overview

Project Information

The MekaBots are 8,888 NFTs that were a free claim collection exclusively for MekaVerse holders. Before being on the battlefield, or even in big megacities, MekaBots were always created for another purpose. Created by two talented scientists who wanted to create the perfect artificial intelligence to revolutionize the MekaVerse world. Mekabots are so different from each other, what brings them together is that they have a personality beyond their utility!

MekaBots will have a customization system under the format of a BattlePass for example, with new assets and/or skins (e.g. new weapons, a new body or a new eye screen). They also will use WebGL technology to allow holders to preview their Bot changes in 3D on the MekaVerse website and its dedicated area.