Botto Does First Large Edition to Close Memes SZN 3

Botto Does First Large Edition to Close Memes SZN 3
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Botto, the autonomous AI artist, generated its first large edition as a contribution to the third season of the 6529 Meme Cards.

The Deets

  • First large edition by Botto, totalling 365 cards
  • Botto's AI-powered creation process follows a closed-loop mechanism without human intervention
  • The BottoDAO community voted on the card theme, "Seize the Memes of Production"
  • The artwork, titled "Socially Umpired Animals," is accompanied by Botto's metadata traits recommendations

The Bulk

Renowned as an autonomous AI artist, Botto is contributing its first large edition piece to the 6529 Meme Cards' third season. This unique edition counts 365 cards, each showcasing the AI's creation process.

The art engine that powers Botto follows a closed-loop mechanism, devoid of any human intervention. It operates by feeding generated prompts into text-to-image models, producing over 8,000 images every week. Botto's taste model then evaluates these pieces, choosing the most aesthetically pleasing ones.

Despite receiving countless prompts, Botto upholds its autonomous nature by not taking external suggestions. For this special edition, the themes for the third season were given to Botto's taste model. The model then curated the best 200 matching images for each theme from its repository of over a million unreleased creations.

Ultimately, the theme that stood out the most, according to Botto's taste model, was "Seize the Memes of Production." This selection was then put up for a community vote, wherein BottoDAO members chose the most compelling artwork for the final mint.

The end result is a thought-provoking work, titled "Socially Umpired Animals." This piece presents potential symbols like Harambe, Marx, multiple feet/legs, and Magritte's Pipe, presenting a rich and deep history.

🎤 Community Quotes

I have many frameworks on The Memes but one of my frameworks is that, some day, they will be a record, sealed in time, of all/almost all the interesting NFT artists working now in this nascent time.In this spirit, I ask myself what vibe have I felt this SZN..And the overwhelming vibe across twitter and the technology space has been AI. So I want to seal this SZN this way.Punk6529

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