Elon Tweets Meme Card

Elon Tweets Meme Card
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Elon Musk created a frenzy on Twitter today, changing the Twitter logo in places to Doge's Shiba Inu and later tweeting a Meme Card from Season 1 of Punk6529's collection

Why It Matters

Fundamentally there is no significance to either move, but in a market predominantly driven by attention and speculation there is perhaps no one more capable of moving markets. Shortly after the Doge discovery the price of $DOGE rocketed nearly 30 percent and within minutes of the Meme Card tweet, the piece was trading for more than 2 ETH. Markets know no bounds when Musk gets involved. 

📊 By The Numbers

Just three days ago, SeizeJPGs traded multiple times for 0.5 ETH. The collection just registered an 8 ETH sale (a 16x) in the wake of the Musk tweet. 

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