Punk6529 Looks Ahead to Full SZN3 of Memes

Punk6529 Looks Ahead to Full SZN3 of Memes
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The Memes by Punk6529 ushers in Season 3 (SZN3) with fresh artists, expanding experimentation, and new developments which kicked off with a card drop from DeeKay Motion. 

The Deets

  • SZN3 features a fully booked roster of diverse artists
  • Meme Lab to see increased experimentation and drops
  • Launch of NFT Delegation for unique delegation and consolidation approach
  • Focus on public tooling: NFT Delegation, wallet safety, self-service allowlist/minting tools, and ReMemes "Discovery"
  • Encouragement for community involvement in ambitious projects and GDRC outreach

The Details

As The Memes enters SZN3, there's a lot to look forward to. With a fully booked roster of artists, the platform will continue to showcase a diverse mix of well-established and emerging creators, working in various styles, starting with notable creator DeeKay Motion. The focus remains on promoting different artistic approaches to increase the chances of pieces going viral and reaching new audiences and communities.

Meme Lab, the experimental playground for Meme Card artists, is expected to gain momentum in SZN3, with an increase in the number of drops as artists explore the platform and operations scale up. The Memes encourages more experimentation in Meme Lab to push the boundaries of creative expression.

In SZN3, The Memes is also launching NFT Delegation, a unique take on delegation and consolidation in the NFT space. This open-source project will be available for free use, with more details to be shared in an upcoming thread.

The upcoming season will see an emphasis on public tooling, with a focus on NFT Delegation, wallet safety, self-service allowlist/minting tools, and "Discovery" for ReMemes. The Memes hopes the community will engage in more ambitious projects, support the Global Digital Rights Charter (GDRC) outreach, and take a bolder approach to ReMemes and Meme Labs.

❗️Why It Matters

While Meme Cards may not be dominating attention like they were at the beginning of the year, Punk6529 maintains a long-term vision and goal to reach the masses via CC0 works and memes. Greater experimentation and additional entry points should only improve the ecosystem's ability to engage with new communities and as the legend grows, so does the interest for creators to work with the project. The entire third SZN is already booked and the team has started working on slotting artists and creators for SZN 4 before the first card even dropped. 

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Your awareness and consideration for the believers of the mission at hand, while balancing expectations and consistently innovating, is what sets you apart ser. 🫡AnoNakamoto


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