The Memes by 6529 Opens Season 2 with Cath Simard Drop Today

The Memes by 6529 Opens Season 2 with Cath Simard Drop Today
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The @6529Collections Twitter account shed light on tomorrow's Meme Card drop, the first of Season 2 and the 48th in the series. The edition size will be 1,337 with a mint price of 0.06529, and the cards are CC0. The project took a snapshot for its allowlist including wallets that held NFTs from the following series:

  • Cath Simard 1/1s
  • Cath Simard Editions
  • 6529 Gradients
  • 6529 Meme Cards S1
  • 6529 Raw
  • 6529 1/1s

180 of the 1,337 total cards have been distributed to the artist, 6529 team members, 6529 Museum, and 6529 Funds. Additionally, 103 cards were randomly airdropped to certain holders of the above listed collections. The allowlist will consist of all remaining holders of Simard's works, the top 500 Meme Card holders, and 1,570 random Meme Card holders. The minting period for the allowlist will close tomorrow at 9:00 AM ET. Allowlist minting will open today at 11:00 AM ET here.

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