Theori Game Pass NFTs

Theori Game Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

The Theori Game Pass are NFTs that allow holders to stake their NFTs to unlock access to the Theori ecosystem. Theori is a game of human behavior and market projection that embraces the power of decentralization through NFTs and Defi to create games with equal opportunity and simple dynamics. New game passes will be sold at the start of every 'Cycle' in varying quantities and prices.

Max Karlan and Angel Toro co-founded Theori. The team has 11 additional members including advisors, social media managers, Web3 devs, marketing, and tokenomics strategists. 

Each cycle will include a set number of games after which players will be rewarded $WSDM based on their performance. The games will favor those with the greatest understanding of societal behavior and market conditions. $WSDM will be minted at the start of every Cycle at a constant ratio with respect to the amount of $ETH generated by that Cycle's Game Pass sale. $WSDM can then be used to purchase art during a Theori Gallery. At the end of every Cycle, there will be a Theori Gallery. Each Theori Gallery will be a curated selection of art from some of the NFT space's most promising and accomplished artists. Players may purchase NFTs from these artists using the $WSDM they've earned participating in the Theori ecosystem.