Get Your Potatoz Ready.....Time to Quest!

Get Your Potatoz Ready.....Time to Quest!
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Potatoz holders can now quest their NFTs according to a tweet from Memeland. 

❗Why It Matters

Potatoz holders that quest their NFTs will be rewarded with "valuables," a new reward addition to the Memeland ecosystem. While it's not immediately known what each valuable will offer, it is known that Memeland has gone out of its way to find creative ways to reward its holders, as evidenced by last week's announcement that Captainz questers could earn a share of the $APE rewards from the team. 

The Deets

Potatoz will bring back one valuable for every seven days it is locked in questing.

There are five different types of valuables:

  • Dark
  • Ivory
  • Cherry
  • Kiwi
  • Sand

What utility will these "Valuables" have in the future? We don't know yet, however, what we do know is that they have a very interesting shape that some members of the community can't avoid referencing. 

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