Potatoz Gym Stipend Winners Can Go Claim Their Prize

Potatoz Gym Stipend Winners Can Go Claim Their Prize
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The Memeland Potatoz gym stipend prize winners are now eligible to claim the first $300, the team announced in a tweet this morning.

Winners were able to claim a "spinning dumbbell" NFT, and are now instructed to send that winning NFT to memelandprizes.eth to claim the funds.


There were 69 winners in total in the last staking prize round, each winning a $1,000 USDC stipend. But the stipend came with a stipulation - only $300 would be given up front, and then winners would have to "prove" their efforts to unlock the additional funds. 

Today they shared those efforts must include "10 check-ins over the next 100 days" to be eligible for the next unlock. 

The Memeland team has been busy this week, yesterday announcing details for the upcoming Captainz claim. The Potatoz floor price moved 20 percent on the news, sitting at 1.6 ETH at the time of writing.

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