Beyonce's Producers Are Helping Bored Apes Make Music

Beyonce's Producers Are Helping Bored Apes Make Music

After helping produce music for Beyonce, Nas, and Rihanna, James Fauntleroy and Chauncey Hollis Jr. will be producing music for KINGSHIP, a band composed of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. 

Formed by 10:22pm - Univeral Music Group's next-gen label - KINGSHIP is a musical supergroup that features multiple Bored Apes and one rare Mutant Ape personality. All of the assets for the musical supergroup were supplied by the famed Ape holder and web3 entrepreneur Jimmy McNelis. 

“This deal is a leading example of how powerful commercial rights are for collectible NFT projects and their collectors. I’m incredibly excited to explore this new area of NFT ownership with Celine Joshua and 10:22," said McNelis in late 2021 when the deal was announced. 

While the early part of 2022 was quiet for KINGSHIP, the project has made headlines in recent months by completing its mint of 5,000 key card NFTs and recently partnering with M&M to build exclusive, limited-edition chocolate candies

The first step of the partnership with Fauntleroy and Hollis Jr. included deciding which personalities would play what instruments. Now the duo is currently working to decide what the sound of the KINGSHIP band should be. 

“They are a rock band with rock ‘n’ roll personalities...We are still building out exactly how they’ll express themselves," Fauntleroy told Bloomberg

Want to gain access to the KINGSHIP? The access-enabled keycards NFTs that minted in July for 0.19 ETH are currently trading below mint, at 0.14 ETH at the time of writing. 


More about KINGSHIP

At the time of publish, the KINGSHIP floor price sits at 0.061 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 2 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 11 sharp wallets have sold 14 NFTs and 5 sharp wallets have bought 6 NFTs in the KINGSHIP collection. Catch up on other recent KINGSHIP news here.

Recent KINGSHIP Sales

#1564sold at 12/01 5:12am for
#3522sold at 12/01 1:12am for
#173sold at 12/01 1:12am for
#2424sold at 11/30 11:11pm for
#3521sold at 11/30 11:11pm for

Recent KINGSHIP Listings

#2304listed at 12/01 7:12am for
#2911listed at 12/01 7:12am for
#3161listed at 12/01 6:12am for
#3161listed at 12/01 6:12am for
#2911listed at 12/01 6:12am for
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