The Space Bulls NFTs

The Space Bulls NFT Overview

Project Information

The Space Bulls is a one-of-a-kind collection of 8888 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain. All holders will be able to UNBOX their Space Bull once this feature becomes available. The Space Bulls was established by an experienced 4 member crew of developers, artists, and marketers. Space Bulls also have 12 team members taking care of social media, discord, marketing, and more.

The team started with Space Bull hand-drawn sketches in 2020 however they felt like there were too many 2D projects in the market, so they wanted to come up with something unique and original. All SpaceBulls are carefully created and rendered in 3D software with rotating 3D collectible boxes that cover the Space Bull. Space Bull holders will be able to generate an identical but unique Space Bull avatar through a process called “unboxing”. Once all Space Bulls have been unboxed, all holders that have kept a matching pair will be automatically whitelisted for a new NFT collection that will further expand The Space Bulls brand.