Wicked Craniums NFTs

Wicked Craniums NFT Overview

Project Information

Wicked Craniums is a Reckless Lab project that depicts representations of 10,762 “Wicked” Craniums from the island of Osseous.  Wicked Craniums dropped on Sunday, June 20th for a mint cost of 0.06 ETH and sold out in 32 minutes. 

To add utility and build community for the project, Wicked Craniums also has an exclusive, open-source platform called the “Cradle” for members only to post the stories of their Cranium and interact with other Craniums. 

The project also purchased a 6x6 piece of land on Sandbox.com in order to further expand their reach in the Metaverse. 

Since launch, in an effort to add value to Cranium holders, the Wicked Cranium team has introduced “Wicked Stallions,” a companion airdrop similar to the Bored Ape Kennel Club. Holding a Stallion and a Cranium together unlocked granted collectors access to a collaboration with well known NFT artist, Pop Wonder. 

After the Pop Wonder collaboration, Wicked Craniums also announced additional roadmap updates, including staking and rewards for Cranium and Stallion holders.