Thingdoms NFTs

Thingdoms NFT Overview

Project Information

The Thingdoms are a collection of 10,000 humanoid "Things" living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is completely hand-drawn and therefore unique works of art.

The founders behind the project are two friends from Scotland, Lukeabc and Eoghan. Lukeabc is the artist, with an extensive resume that includes over a decade of consulting and art directing work for large and small, independent brands and creators. Eoghanis an engineer who co-founded a health-tech startup and has vast experience in the relevant technology. Besides these two there is an entire team dedicated to the Thingdoms.

The vision for the Things are to be a part of a community of communities. According to the whitepaper (Thingpaper) there will be utility and governance granted to holders, but by varying the utilities and which are unlocked by what Thing(s) will create a different but equal structure for the community.