TIMEPieces NFT Overview

Project Information

TIMEPieces is a new NFT community initiative from TIME that includes art pieces from an incredible group of over 40 artists from all over the world. Inspired by the theme, “Building a Better Future,” some of the artists represented in the collection include: 

Addie Wagenkhecht · Allison Dayka · Baeige · Cath Simard · Charly Palmer · Destiny Kirumira · Diana Sinclair · Drue Kataoka · Dylan Urquidi · Ed Gabel & Ian Brown · Edel Rodriguez · Emonee LaRussa · FVCKRENDER · Houda Bakkali · Isabel Samaras & Marcos Sorensen · J.N. Silva · John Knopf · John Mavroudis · Julie Pacino · Justin Aversano & Nicole Buffett · Kendall Chambers · Kenji Chai · Lethabo Huma · Marc Burckhardt · Micah Johnson · Olive Allen · Oscar Mar · Parin Heidari · Red Hong Yi · Sarah Kanu · Shana Wilson · Steve Warner · Tim O’Brien · Tyler Gordan · Victor Mosquera · Viktoria Modesta · Yvette Hammond

On Thursday, September 23rd collectors were able to mint TIMEPieces via a randomized, blind drop on nft.time.com. This drop consisted  of editions totaling 4,676 pieces and revealed after all were minted. Each TIMEPiece was priced at 0.1 ETH with the goal of attracting a wide array of collectors (TIME.com). However, as a result of the demand, the drop ended controversially with gas spiking north of 10,000 gwei and many hopeful participants being beaten out by minting bots and deeper pockets. 

Due to the chaotic structure of the minting process and the gas war, TIME released an airdrop to holders of TIMEPieces and anyone who had a failed transaction upon release.  

Holding a TIMEPiece makes you eligible for exclusive benefits such as access to TIME.com through TIME’s 100th Anniversary in 2023, invites to future in-person events, and a variety of digital offerings.

On October 5, 2021, TIMEPiece holders were airdropped a piece from the original collection per TIMEPiece held. 

In Late October, Time announced Nyla Hayes, of Long Neckie Ladies, would join as Artist in Residence.