TIMEPieces: Into the Metaverse by Micah Johnson NFTs

TIMEPieces: Into the Metaverse by Micah Johnson NFT Overview

Project Information

TIMEPieces: Into the Metaverse is a limited edition NFT of artist Micah Johnson's TIME Magazine Cover, titled "Into the Metaverse". Minting of the TIME Magazine cover NFTs was open for 24 hours and ended with a total supply of 2,363 NFTs minted. The August 2022 TIME Magazine cover features Micah Johnson's signature character, Aku, standing in front of a virtual portal. The cover is meant to portray Aku welcoming others into the world where his journey began - the metaverse. Holders of the Into the Metaverse NFT have the opportunity to win an NFT of Micah Johnson's cover sketches, which were used to develop the final cover.