TIME: Issue 01 - Vitalik Buterin NFTs

TIME: Issue 01 - Vitalik Buterin NFT Overview

Project Information

TIME Magazine's Vitalik Buterin Cover Story NFT is the first-ever fully decentralized magazine issue available as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

The NFT issue features TIME’s cover story, "The Prince of Crypto Has Concerns," which is about Vitalik Buterin’s fight for the future of Ethereum.

The author of the story is @andrewrchow, editor of TIME’s "Into the Metaverse" newsletter.

The issue is created in partnership with the LITDAO. LIT is a web3 cultural currency and NFT project that conceived and created the first fully decentralized book.

The magazine will live on the blockchain but is hosted through a decentralized protocol allowing holders to read the magazine in its entirety through an interactive NFT.