Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory - Mars Rocks NFTs

Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory - Mars Rocks NFT Overview

Project Information

Rocket Factory - Mars Rocks is a collection of 15 different moon rock NFTs created by American contemporary artist Tom Sachs on the Ethereum blockchain. The only way to initially mint a Mars Rock NFT was through the Mars Rock NFT Mining Mission inside Decentraland. In order to enter the Mothership, an interplanetary cargo vessel that transported miners to Mars, one must have held a Mothership Ticket NFT. Mothership Ticket NFTs were available to holders of Tom Sach's Rocket NFTs or Test Flight Crew Patch NFTs. Once inside Decentraland and on the Mothership, miners chose a location to mine a Mars Rock. The final rarity distribution of the Mars Rock NFTs was determined by the miners' decisions on where to mine.