Tori Zero - Redlab NFTs

Tori Zero - Redlab NFT Overview

Project Information

Tori Zero - Redlab is a collection of 6,322 Redlab’s Tori Zero, the newest soldier of the Redlab Universe. Owning a Tori affirms holders' OG status, and grants them exclusive access to the ever-expanding Redlab Metaverse. Redlabs groundbreaking Marketplace and Mystery Box mechanisms promise myriad economic benefits for holders. 

The Redlab is a trendy brand incubator headquartered in the UK. The team is dedicated to providing users with beautiful products and content that exceeds expectations through a variety of products such as animation, comics, music, novels, and peripherals around original IPs. 

Tori Zero will implement a DAO for the community as well as create a trendy brand through a combination of streetwear, collectible figures, and more.