ToriiScapes NFTs

ToriiScapes NFT Overview

Project Information

ToriiScapes is a collection of 5555 uniquely generated landscapes designed by Julius Kähkönen (@visualsofjulius). Each landscape is an art collectible from Julius, who has over 450k Instagram followers.

Julius has a long history of blending landscapes and mythology into beautiful photoshop edits for the masses. The rest of the team has extensive experience building in the NFT space (Colony Online, Dizzy Dragons, Tools of Rock, and more), plus experience in web design & development.

After minting all 5555 landscapes, 20 random holders will be mailed a physical ToriiScapes poster with a certification of authenticity and QR code that links the artwork to its provenance on the Ethereum blockchain. ToriiScapes holders will be entered in a photo editing contest where the top 3 winners chosen by Julius will be flown out to have a fully funded landscape photoshoot with the artist himself. All holders of ToriiScapes will be able to mint the team's second project for free.