T-O-S The Other Side NFTs

T-O-S The Other Side NFT Overview

Project Information

The Other Side is a collection of 8,888 Moonwalker NFTs from the unseen side of the moon living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Other Side is an NFT project focusing on both fashion and art from a creative team that has worked with many major companies and brands, while also implementing a staking mechanism to reward holders to help build out The Other Side ecosystem. 

Moonwalkers from The Other Side hold the power to mine "moonerals," a treasure found on the same side of the moon as moonwalkers. The Other Side Moonwalkers can be staked and are rewarded with moonpods that contain moonerals equivalent to the amount of time they have been staked.

A total of 100,000 moonpods will ever be dropped to those staking moonwalkers. Moonpods will also contain additional treasure and commodities that are required to expand The Other Side ecosystem.

The Other Side is founded by creative lead @Catmeatparty.