TPL Mecha Part NFTs

TPL Mecha Part NFT Overview

Project Information

TPL Mecha Part is a collection of 26 different mecha part NFTs that are ready to be assembled on the Ethereum blockchain. From April through October 2022 holders of a CyberBrokers NFT or a Lupis Arm NFT could participate in six different CyberBrokers Quests. Upon completion of each Quest, holders were eligible to claim a Mech Part for each CyberBroker or Lupis Arm owned.

Beginning in February 2023, holders can use their Mech Parts to assemble a fully custom CyberBrokers Mech NFT. Assembled and minted CyberBroker Mechs can be used in future CyberBrokers Questing and Crafting games where players earn resources that are necessary to craft new NFTs.