Endless Clouds Chooses Immutable

Endless Clouds Chooses Immutable
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Endless Clouds will launch its two web3 games, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, on the Immutable zkEVM platform.

The Deets

  • Epic Collaboration: Immutable's cutting-edge technology meets Endless Clouds' creativity
  • Treeverse: An expansive MMORPG set in the mystical city of Lorwick
  • Capsule Heroes: A PvP brawler offering diverse game modes and character customization
  • Community Involvement: Open alpha and beta launches for player feedback

The Bulk

Immutable is joining forces with mobile gaming company Endless Clouds to deliver two games, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes. Both games will be built on Immutable's zkEVM, powered by Polygon.

Treeverse immerses players in the enchanting city of Lorwick, blending intense battles, strategic depth, and an expansive world ripe for exploration. Capsule Heroes, on the other hand, redefines the PvP brawler genre with its array of game modes and customizations, promising an exhilarating experience.

Endless Clouds is inviting the gaming community to shape the games' final forms, with open beta phases, ensuring that player feedback is integral to development.

🎤 Founder Feedback

Community support for our studio has been incredible. Choosing Immutable for our games was a strategic decision to ensure our community gets the best experience.Loopify

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