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Project Information

Timeless is a 11,111 randomly generated avatar collectible drop that will act as playable characters inside of Treeverse, an upcoming blockchain-based MMORPG.

Timeless is created by founder @Loopifyyy and artist viii.

Every founder plot NFT will give you the option to claim a Timeless NFT for a mint price of 0.222ETH.

Every NFTree NFT will give you the option to claim a Timeless NFT as a free mint.

The website will be announced in the Treeverse Discord 24 hours before you can claim the Timeless avatar and you will have two weeks to claim.

Loopify has also mentioned that Timeless will be developed into a brand. Without unveiling a specific roadmap, he did mention anime, manga and figurines.

In April 2022, Treeverse launched pixelated versions of the project's Timeless avatar NFTs. The new collection is non-dilutive and accessible through the original Timeless collection. 

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