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Treeverse, Endless Clouds Share Monthly Update
Logan Hitchcock

The latest updates from Treeverse's game developers, Endless Clouds, introduces new NPCs and advancing engineering and design components. 

The Deets

  • Introduction of new, diverse NPCs including First Mate Nicolo Gamdias and royal minstrel Pytir Glossny
  • Enhancements to the combat editor, including crowd control effects and movement modification effects
  • Progress in the quest editor tooling and the development of instanced dungeons for specific game modes
  • Implementation of more refined UI into the game

The Bulk

Key to this new environment are dynamic NPCs such as First Mate Nicolo Gamdias and Pytir Glossny, the royal minstrel, each featuring distinctive backgrounds, personalities, and roles within the game world. This focus on character diversity aims to create a more rich and engaging narrative experience for players.

On the technical front, Endless Clouds is revolutionizing the combat system through the development of its Combat Tool. The system now encompasses a variety of crowd control effects like stuns, knockbacks and movement modifications, adding depth to combat scenarios. The robust tool has been designed for scalability, with continuous improvements planned for future versions.

In addition, the game developers are streamlining the questing experience, enhancing their quest editor tool for better usability and convenience. They are also working on instanced dungeons, aiming to create custom game modes for diverse gameplay experiences. Further, UI updates are being rolled out to provide a smoother user experience.

📊 By the Numbers

Despite Treeverse's inability to penetrate the drama-filled headlines dominating web3, the project is up more than 45 percent in the last 7 days to 0.48 ETH. 

🎬 Take Action 

You can learn more about the engineering improvements and gameplay updates in the full monthly update.

Treeverse, Endless Clouds Share Monthly Update
Treeverse Teases Pre-Alpha Launch
Staff Writer

Treeverse released its twelve-monthly update earlier this evening which included an update in regard to the game being available for testing soon.

"This month will mostly be on internal playtesting before we launch pre-alpha. In pre-alpha, only critical bugs preventing players from getting into the game and testing functionality will be addressed. The team needs to spend a significant amount of time getting ready for the alpha systems, and the code changes required to support our multiplayer needs" reads part of the update. 

While the full game is not yet slated to be released, pre-alpha testing is a step toward making the game fully operational.

In relation to game functionality, the Lead Game Designer for the team let it be known that “after a month of testing and tweaking our current minimal combat loop, it is finally looking quite close to what we’re hoping to launch to our players," signaling that the combat system for the game is close to where they want it to be. 

Treeverse Teases Pre-Alpha Launch
Timeless Gets Its Own Twitter Account
Staff Writer

Treeverse's Timeless has a new Twitter account: @TMLSofficial.

Users can follow the account for all updates for the Treeverse PFP project there.

Late in October, Treeverse founder Loopify tweeted a character screen for the project's game and announced that the game is currently or will soon be in pre-alpha stage.

Timeless Gets Its Own Twitter Account
Treeverse Teases Character Window, Announces Pre-Alpha Stage
Staff Writer

Treeverse founder Loopify tweeted a character screen for the project's game and announced that the game is currently or will soon be in pre-alpha stage.

In the last update from the Endless Clouds team, the project shared a list of several engineering items as it was gearing up for pre-alpha, where features are still being added.

Loopify said in a direct message on Twitter that his team is using the pre-alpha stage as its "first development stage testing."

"For us, it would be combat as that is the only feature in this (with dungeons, weapon enhancements, etc.)," Loopify said. "It is to get feedback on those systems as they are a core part of our game."

That update was teased last month when the project said it was working on "fine-tuning" combat abilities, introducing eight new monsters, and finishing the "Character Creation System, Bag System, Dungeon System, Main Menu System, Recasting System" and "start working on the knowledge tree system."

Treeverse Teases Character Window, Announces Pre-Alpha Stage
Treeverse Teases Potential OnCyber Collab
Staff Writer

Treeverse teased an image of an explorable virtual island on Twitter Friday, saying the plot is “almost complete.”

While details surrounding the OnCyber plot teaser are currently unknown, it is worth noting that OnCyber hosts the RTFKT Loot Pod, a metaverse where users can display their NFTs.

Other NFT projects such as World of Women have created virtual experiences for their users on the OnCyber site.

This teaser follows the release of Treeverse's combat trailer at the end of July 2022.

Treeverse Teases Potential OnCyber Collab
Timeless Holders to Get Access to Viii Project Raffle
Staff Writer

Treeverse is raffling off 250 early access spots to an upcoming project by the original artist of its Timeless collection, the project tweeted Monday.

Ether is an upcoming project from artist @viii, who drew the art for Treeverse's avatar collection. Details about the project and the early access spot raffle are scarce, though Treeverse founder Loopify told Discord members the project would announce the terms of the raffle for Timeless holders "before it happens." Ether's Twitter account just says "10,000 Collectibles" though there have been some art previews.

Viii recently sold a 1/1 piece on SuperRare for 8.42069 ETH (about $22,000). The Timeless collection has a floor price of 0.4 ETH. 

Timeless Holders to Get Access to Viii Project Raffle
Treeverse Shares Monthly Update
Logan Hitchcock

Treeverse shared its monthly update via Twitter this afternoon. 

The update contains information about the workings of the project in the last month, including:

  • OnCyber build for holders
  • Concept art updates
  • Engineering updates
  • Combat experience and combat loop updates
  • A surprise for Timeless holders
  • And more...

The collection of Treeverse plots holds a floor price of 0.715 ETH at the time of writing. 

Treeverse Shares Monthly Update
Daily Recap November 22
John Nannetti

Top News Today:

Weekend Recap: Wolf Game. ChainRunners, Timeless 

Wolf Game was the talk of the NFT industry this weekend. Sizable demand pushed average volumes above 2,000 ETH daily and the project's floor rose at one point to nearly 5 ETH. Today, it sits just below 4 ETH with most sheep still locked in the staking contract. Because of the unique game mechanics and frenzied news, the community's understanding of the game seems to be varied. Lucky Trader’s Tony Marquis built a brief article, All We Know, outlining recent updates from the game. To learn even more about the game, enjoy Al Smizzle's game review on YouTube. 


Wolf Game (@wolfdotgame) / Twitter


ChainRunners is a 10,000 piece NFT collection consisting of pixelated, renegade characters. This project picked up steam this past weekend with a steady increase in floor price to around 2.8 ETH at time of writing. After minting on November 7 with not much acclaim, they have recently gained the attention of the NFT ecosystem, posting a 1,224% gain in volume traded when compared to last week. 

Chain Runners NFT (November 2021) Know The Exciting Details!


After months of anticipation, the Timeless avatars dropped this weekend. Approximately 115 ETH in volume has been traded on the secondary market, and the collection holds a 0.42 ETH floor at the time of writing. Since the drop, which was available to Treeverse Founder's Plot holders, the Treeverse floor has fallen to a 1.25 ETH floor. 


Announcing Timeless. Here is Timeless, let's talk more about… | by  Treeverse | Oct, 2021 | Medium


Week Lookahead - WSOP 1/1 and other projects

Today the World Series of Poker released their Stu Ungar – When The Kid Became a Legend” 1/1 auction at 1:00 p.m. ET. This video style NFT has the historic footage of Stu Ungar winning back-to-back WSOP Championships. The NFT will be available for bidding throughout the course of the week.  A similar 1/1 auction for a Chris Moneymaker NFT has been bid to 1,30 $WAX, approximately $750. 




Other Projects

  • NBA Topshot releases a Series 3 Base pack tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. ET

  • Art Blocks Factory will drop "Through The Window" by Reva tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. ET It will be a Dutch auction starting at 2 ETH for 1,111 NFTs. 

  • Child of the Dice starts their first auction for 1,000 NFTs dropping on the Solana blockchain. 

  • Check out Lucky Trader's full project schedule here

Gas remains high

Gas fees remain high, consistently sitting above the 100 gwei mark. The significance of gas fees has been a hot topic of discussion lately, introducing opportunity for NFT collectors on Solana and other competing blockchains. 

Catch The Lucky Trader NFT Show with Nigel Eccles live tomorrow at 7 p.m.



  • Wolf Game saw considerable increases in volume and floor price over the weekend. 

  • Toy Boogers has retraced some after some excitement post-reveal. 

  • Chain Runners followed the Wolf Game with notable gains in volume and floor price. 

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Daily Recap November 22