Daily Recap November 22

Daily Recap November 22
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Weekend Recap: Wolf Game. ChainRunners, Timeless 

Wolf Game was the talk of the NFT industry this weekend. Sizable demand pushed average volumes above 2,000 ETH daily and the project's floor rose at one point to nearly 5 ETH. Today, it sits just below 4 ETH with most sheep still locked in the staking contract. Because of the unique game mechanics and frenzied news, the community's understanding of the game seems to be varied. Lucky Trader’s Tony Marquis built a brief article, All We Know, outlining recent updates from the game. To learn even more about the game, enjoy Al Smizzle's game review on YouTube. 


Wolf Game (@wolfdotgame) / Twitter


ChainRunners is a 10,000 piece NFT collection consisting of pixelated, renegade characters. This project picked up steam this past weekend with a steady increase in floor price to around 2.8 ETH at time of writing. After minting on November 7 with not much acclaim, they have recently gained the attention of the NFT ecosystem, posting a 1,224% gain in volume traded when compared to last week. 

Chain Runners NFT (November 2021) Know The Exciting Details!


After months of anticipation, the Timeless avatars dropped this weekend. Approximately 115 ETH in volume has been traded on the secondary market, and the collection holds a 0.42 ETH floor at the time of writing. Since the drop, which was available to Treeverse Founder's Plot holders, the Treeverse floor has fallen to a 1.25 ETH floor. 


Announcing Timeless. Here is Timeless, let's talk more about… | by  Treeverse | Oct, 2021 | Medium


Week Lookahead - WSOP 1/1 and other projects

Today the World Series of Poker released their Stu Ungar – When The Kid Became a Legend” 1/1 auction at 1:00 p.m. ET. This video style NFT has the historic footage of Stu Ungar winning back-to-back WSOP Championships. The NFT will be available for bidding throughout the course of the week.  A similar 1/1 auction for a Chris Moneymaker NFT has been bid to 1,30 $WAX, approximately $750. 




Other Projects

  • NBA Topshot releases a Series 3 Base pack tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. ET

  • Art Blocks Factory will drop "Through The Window" by Reva tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. ET It will be a Dutch auction starting at 2 ETH for 1,111 NFTs. 

  • Child of the Dice starts their first auction for 1,000 NFTs dropping on the Solana blockchain. 

  • Check out Lucky Trader's full project schedule here

Gas remains high

Gas fees remain high, consistently sitting above the 100 gwei mark. The significance of gas fees has been a hot topic of discussion lately, introducing opportunity for NFT collectors on Solana and other competing blockchains. 

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  • Wolf Game saw considerable increases in volume and floor price over the weekend. 

  • Toy Boogers has retraced some after some excitement post-reveal. 

  • Chain Runners followed the Wolf Game with notable gains in volume and floor price. 

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