Wolf Game: All We Know

Wolf Game: All We Know
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Around 11:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, Wolf Game -- a staking and breeding game which has done almost 12,000 ETH in volume since its stealth release — released the second phase in the project, amid a handful of contract exploit issues.

The expanded game, detailed on the Wolf Game website, introduced 20,000 genesis land parcels and 20,000 farmers. Ten-thousand parcels were available to claim for free for Gen 0 wolf and sheep holders and the others are currently being sold through Dutch auction format with a starting price of 0.69240 ETH and a resting price of 0.1 ETH. Farmers can be minted for 10,000 $WOOL — the token earned by staking wolves and sheep.

The parcels and farmers add to the 12,066 sheep and 1,743 wolves which make up the game’s first phase -- the expansion of which was paused (and subsequently shut down) following the discovery of a contract exploit that allowed minters to mint Gen 1 wolves over sheep, though the probability to mint a wolf was only 10 percent.     

At the same time of the release Sunday night, another exploit was shared on Twitter, showing how technically inclined sheep holders could unstake 300 times the amount of $WOOL and restrict other holders from unstaking their sheep. 


The exploit was never used, according to the project leaders. They even gifted the finder of the exploit a farmer and a parcel of land.



To fix the exploit, Wolf Game developers paused all staking and unstaking early Monday morning. As of 10 a.m. ET the floor price of sheep is 4 ETH, wolves are 8 ETH and the price of $WOOL is approximately $0.15. Amidst all the game developments and potential exploits, the price of $WOOL has fluctuated heavily since the game's inception. 



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