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NFT Token Talk: Introducing An NFT Utility Token Recap

NFT Token Talk: Introducing an NFT Utility Token Recap

Over the last year, many NFT projects have yielded to consumer excitement and speculation, innovating by creating their own ERC-20 token. In this recap, we'll break down some of the notable tokens, their price movements, and news and notes each week.
Wolf Game Update: Wool Pouches and Risky Games

What's Going on With Wolf Game? Introducing Wool Pouches and Risky Game

What's going on with Wolf Game? Introducing the concept of Wool Pouches and the Risky Game, the newest game mechanics in the newly migrated contract.
Around the Blockchain Dec. 5-10 : WAX, SOL, & FLOW NFTs

Around the Blockchain Dec. 5-10: WAX, SOL, and FLOW NFTs

Welcome to the first edition of Around the Blockchain! This is a new weekly recap covering non-Ethereum based blockchains and their NFT activity!
NFT Morning News Dec 9: 1600 ETH XCopy Sale!

gm NFTs Dec. 9: 1600 ETH XCopy Sale, Wolf Games' Risky Game Goes Live

gm NFTs: 1600 ETH XCopy Sale, Wolf Game's Risky Game Goes Live
NFT Morning News: December 7

gm NFTs: Pak's Merge Minting Started and Flower Girls Reveal

gm NFTs: Murat Pak's "Merge" minting starts, The Flower Girls reveal, BYOVape Claiming, and more.
NFT Daily Recap: November 29

LT;DR November 29

Today in NFTs: CloneX starts their public sale, Budweiser drops 1,936 can NFTs, and Worldwide Webb sells out their public land sale.
NFT Daily Recap: November 22

Daily Recap November 22

Top NFT News Today: November 22, 2021
Wolf Game: All We Know

Wolf Game: All We Know

Wolf Game -- a staking and breeding game which has done almost 12,000 ETH in volume since its stealth release -- released the second phase in the project, amid a handful of contract exploit issues.