What's Going on With Wolf Game? Introducing Wool Pouches and Risky Game

What's Going on With Wolf Game? Introducing Wool Pouches and Risky Game
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What is Wolf Game?

Wolf Game is a breeding and staking based play-to-earn game that originally planned to mint 10,000 Gen 0 Sheep & Wolves in an initial ETH sale, then 40,000 Gen 1 Sheep & Wolves minted with $WOOL, the in-game token. However, after an exploit in the contract, the game was paused and Phase 1 was determined to be complete after 13,809 NFTs were minted in total.

Since that time, Wolf Game has implemented Phase 2 of the game. Sheep and wolves that were minted before the game was frozen have been migrated to a new contract (Wolf Game Migrated).The migration created an exact copy of each Gen 0 and Gen1 NFTs, with the same traits and metadata. 

The core parts of the first phase of the game have come to a halt. Users are no longer able to shear, stake, or unstake their sheep and wolves. Nor can they collect their accumulated wool at one time.

However, Phase 2 has introduced wool pouches to the game.

Developers also introduced 20,000 parcels of land (10,000 awarded to Gen 0 sheep and wolf owners and 10,000 sold in a Dutch auction) and farmers, which could be minted for 10,000 $WOOL. The details regarding the mechanics and utility of the farmers and land have not been released.

What Is a Wool Pouch? 

Days after the migration, $WOOL could only be claimed by claiming a Wool Pouch. Designed as actual pouches, Wool Pouches are ERC-20 tokens that are stored within tradable NFTs. To claim a Wool Pouch, users must own the Sheep or Wolf NFT that is attached to it. All Gen 0 and Gen 1 Sheep & Wolves, whether they were staked or unstaked, were eligible to receive a Wool Pouch.

How do Wool Pouches Work?

Wool Pouches contain the accumulated $WOOL that each sheep and wolf earned during the game at the time of the pause. In each Wool Pouch, the first $10,000 WOOL will be unlocked and accessible to the minter immediately. This gives every holder a chance to mint a farmer right away if they were not able to prior to the pause. The remaining $WOOL contained in the pouch will unlock over the next 4 years, at a flat rate per day. As the $WOOL gets unlocked in the pouch, users are able to claim the $WOOL and trade it on exchanges like Uniswap, or buy more farmers. Users may also trade their pouch with the locked $WOOL included at any time during the 4 year locking period. 


What Was the Risky Game?

The "Risky Game" mechanic in the Wolf Game gave holders a chance to risk the $WOOL they were set to receive for an increased position of $WOOL. When a sheep was unstaked from the barn, they were presented with two options, "risk" or "no risk." 


This was an all-or-nothing bet. If a user chose "risk," they had a 50% chance of walking away with a full pouch, and a 50% chance of the Wolves stealing the pouch instead. 

No Risk

This option was for those who wanted to lock in the $WOOL they already had generated, without the risk of losing it all. Each pouch was filled with the amount of $WOOL each user had generated prior to the contract pause if they were staked. If the user had sheep unstaked, it was equal to the amount of days between contract pause and the migration launch times 10,000.

How Was the Amount of $WOOL in a Pouch Determined?

The total amount of $WOOL allocated in each pouch was the leftover of the 2.4 billion $WOOL that was originally allocated to the staking faucet of the game. This stash was shared amongst the risk takers, not members who selected "no risk." The amount remaining removed the 230 million claimed previously, minus the amount in pouches obtained by sheep & wolves in the "no risk" option. The total $WOOL in this option was divided evenly across the total number of sheep taking part in the Risk. Wolves received a distribution of $WOOL based on those sheep who lost while playing the Risky Game. 



In Risky Game, 7,760 sheep (64%) opted to compete for a total 1,879,510,788 $WOOL. The other 290,489,212 $WOOL was placed into pouches of the no risk takers, with 20% going to wolves on claim. Wolf Game Relics from Risky Game will be auctioned for $WOOL on 12/15 at 9PM EST, in the Discord. 90% of proceeds go toward community rewards for players of the game, and 10% will be burned.



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