Treeverse, Endless Clouds Share Monthly Update

Treeverse, Endless Clouds Share Monthly Update
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The latest updates from Treeverse's game developers, Endless Clouds, introduces new NPCs and advancing engineering and design components. 

The Deets

  • Introduction of new, diverse NPCs including First Mate Nicolo Gamdias and royal minstrel Pytir Glossny
  • Enhancements to the combat editor, including crowd control effects and movement modification effects
  • Progress in the quest editor tooling and the development of instanced dungeons for specific game modes
  • Implementation of more refined UI into the game

The Bulk

Key to this new environment are dynamic NPCs such as First Mate Nicolo Gamdias and Pytir Glossny, the royal minstrel, each featuring distinctive backgrounds, personalities, and roles within the game world. This focus on character diversity aims to create a more rich and engaging narrative experience for players.

On the technical front, Endless Clouds is revolutionizing the combat system through the development of its Combat Tool. The system now encompasses a variety of crowd control effects like stuns, knockbacks and movement modifications, adding depth to combat scenarios. The robust tool has been designed for scalability, with continuous improvements planned for future versions.

In addition, the game developers are streamlining the questing experience, enhancing their quest editor tool for better usability and convenience. They are also working on instanced dungeons, aiming to create custom game modes for diverse gameplay experiences. Further, UI updates are being rolled out to provide a smoother user experience.

📊 By the Numbers

Despite Treeverse's inability to penetrate the drama-filled headlines dominating web3, the project is up more than 45 percent in the last 7 days to 0.48 ETH. 

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You can learn more about the engineering improvements and gameplay updates in the full monthly update.

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