Trippy Toadz NFTs

Trippy Toadz NFT Overview

Project Information

Trippy Toadz is a community-driven and limited collection of 6,969 algorithmically generated toads minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This genesis collection will give exclusive access to the Toadverse among other forms of utility.

Trippy Toadz was created by a group of friends in Los Angeles who set out to make some sick toadz, create a community, and try to build something our parents would be proud of. The core toadz team has backgrounds in crypto, music, fashion, and television/film.

The 1st generation of toadz will be created from over 100 different traits including body types, faces, and accessories. The roadmap includes the development of the story/lore of Trippy Toadz with some of the best creators in the business, merchandise that not only looks great but provides functionality, special collaborations exclusive to holders, not to mention the Toadverse.