Trump Drops Mugshot Edition

Trump Drops Mugshot Edition
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Former President Donald Trump released his latest NFT set, the "Mugshot Edition," yesterday. 

The Deets

  • Digital Trading Cards: Collectible Trump Mugshot Edition priced at $99
  • Exclusive Rewards: Pieces of Trump's actual suit from the mugshot and a dinner at Mar-a-Lago for bulk buyers
  • Limited Edition: Rare cards including one-of-ones and autographed editions
  • Historical Significance: First-ever mugshot of a U.S. President, authenticated by MEARS

The Bulk

This latest Donald Trump edition is particularly notable for its historical significance. It features the first-ever mugshot of a United States President, Donald J. Trump, taken on August 24, 2023. The image captures a momentous and unprecedented event in American history.

Customers purchasing 47 cards or more in a single transaction receive exclusive rewards: a piece of the actual suit worn by President Trump in his mugshot and an invitation to dinner at Mar-a-Lago. The suit piece, authenticated by MEARS, is touted as "The Most Historically Significant Artifact in United States History."

Moreover, the collection includes rare cards, such as one-of-ones and a limited number autographed by the President himself, adding to the allure for collectors and enthusiasts.

📊 By the Numbers

Thus far, the collection has seen more than 30,000 mints, netting the Trump NFT team nearly $3 million. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

The People That Are Buying These Trump Digital Trading Cards Are (New) Friends Of Mine, More Than Anything Else.Donald J. Trump

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You can explore the collection in bulk here

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