Turkeys Metaverse NFTs

Turkeys Metaverse NFT Overview

Project Information

Turkeys Metaverse is a collection of 7,777 generative and unique turkey NFTs created by Vsevolod Vospitannik (@vvospitannik), a 17-year-old crypto artist from Ukraine. Vsevolod says he chose turkeys for his NFT project because he believes NFT communities resemble the social gatherings during Thanksgiving.

The project's roadmap states an ability to earn $GOBBLE token by staking, holding, and playing in the play-to-earn game, Turkey Fight. $GOBBLE can be used to buy turkeys, additional equipment, and upgrades to the chicken fighter in the game. 

The project plans to create an additional collection of 3333 mutant turkeys to be used as combat characters in the Turkey Fight game. Turkeys Metaverse will also be offering a breeding function, merch, collaborations, and the creation of the FowlFlight Country Club in the Metaverse.