Azuki Creator Partners With IPX

Azuki Creator Partners With IPX

Chiru Labs, the creators of Azuki, announced a partnership with IPX, the global IP platform behind the popular LINE FRIENDS characters.

The Deets

  • IPX revolutionizes character IP business with renowned brand collaborations
  • The partnership brings collaborative content, retail distribution, and IRL activations
  • Starts with BEANZ and LINE FRIENDS IP, potential expansion to other IPs

The Details

IPX, the global IP platform that has successfully revolutionized the character IP business by partnering with renowned brands like BTS, Netflix, and Starbucks, is teaming up with Chiru Labs. This partnership will bring web3 technology into the world of the popular LINE FRIENDS characters, which started as stickers on the LINE messaging app and have since gained global recognition.

The collaboration between Chiru Labs and IPX will lead to joint content, retail distribution at LINE FRIENDS stores, and immersive in-real-life activations that combine both worlds. The partnership kicks off with the BEANZ and LINE FRIENDS intellectual properties, with potential expansion to other IPs in their portfolios, including web3 friendly IPs managed by IPX's dedicated web3 partner, @cripco_official.

BEANZ characters will start appearing on the billboard above the LINE FRIENDS flagship store in Times Square this week!

❗️Why It Matters

Many NFT projects have boasted "IP expansion" as a potential growth factor, but few have been able to successfully deploy IP into the hands of those outside web3. The Chiru Labs and IPX partnership will pair two like demographics of consumers and actually put the BEANZ IP into a userbase of millions of users and consumers previously generated by LINE FRIENDS. If a brand as notable as BTS was willing to work with IPX to help push a collaborative IP, Azuki's doing so seems well vetted. 

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HAPPY FREAKING BEANZ DAY!!! Azuki doesn’t miss!!!nameless_wr1t3r

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