Tykes NFTs

Tykes NFT Overview

Project Information

Tykes is a collection of 3,522 digital real estate mogul NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is founded by CEO and real estate investor Ryan Pineda. Tykes is a hub for real estate investors and professionals, Web3 experts, and entrepreneurs that fosters collaboration efforts. Holders of Tykes receive exclusive access to start-up investment opportunities, real estate deals, and more. Holders of Tykes NFTs also have access to IRL events and meetups to learn even more about real estate investing.


Tykes can be staked to earn $Tycoin, which is the essential currency of the Tykes ecosystem. $Tycoin can be used to purchase exclusive items from the Tykes store, as well as book dates at the exclusive Tykes-owned homes throughout the United States that act as AirBnBs for Tykes holders only.