Undead Pastel Club NFTs

Undead Pastel Club NFT Overview

Project Information

The Undead Pastel Club, a collection of 9,999 ape NFTs, is a derivative of the MutantApeYachtClub and Doodles NFT collections. 

With some of the project founders having worked in the fashion industry previously, the Undead Pastel Club team will use fanart submissions to design various merch items such as hats, t-shirts, socks, and hoodies.

Holders of one or more Undead Pastel Club NFTs will be rewarded with a unique project token for contributing to the success of the community. The token will eventually be used for IRL rewards such as discounts on merchandise items, future collections, or to enter giveaways.

Holding an Undead Pastel Club NFT for longer periods of time increases staking rewards. Lastly, part of the project funds will be used to purchase land in the metaverse.