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WZRDS Skull Holders Getting Elixirs
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Another NFT is on its way to WZRDS Skull holders, expanding the ecosystem and lore of the project.

One Elixir is being dropped to each Skull holder, according to a tweet from the project. Not much was released about the Elixir's utility except the following description in the tweet.

"Elixirs contain powerful magic that were bottled by the most evil beings. If its consumption is successful, the target will be irrevocably changed and imbued with dark energies."

The WZRDS floor is at 0.13 ETH, up 13 percent in the past 24 hours. The Skull of the Unwilling WZRD floor is 0.279 ETH.

WZRDS Skull Holders Getting Elixirs
WZRDS Open The Altar of Sacrifice
Lou Sherman

WZRDS announced that Chapter 2: The Altar of Sacrifice is now live on the website. For 6,669 Shrooms, Half Skull holders can merge 2 NFTs to create 1 Skull of the Unwilling NFT. There will be a maximum of 1,250 Full Skulls that can be minted at the Altar.

The WZRDS made headlines earlier this week when the team introduced a new burning mechanism for members of the community to burn listed NFTs from other members of the community. The burning process was one way in which holders were able to acquire the Half Skull NFTs.

WZRDS Open The Altar of Sacrifice
WZRDS Novel Burning Method Excites NFT Collectors
Lucky Trader Staff

For a quick rundown of the WZRDS' burning method and how to handle trading the popular NFT, head to the Lucky Trader YouTube channel.

The WZRDS team tweeted Monday explaining a new burning mechanism put into place where listed NFTs are subject to “death” where other wizards can burn your NFT.

The new mechanism sent the floor price from 0.15 ETH to 3.2 ETH overnight Monday, but most sales are still around just 0.3 ETH. 

The WZRDS council will not burn anyone's WZRDS, it's all from the community, the project said. The 10,000-edition collection, which minted out June 29 for free and has no Discord, communicates through Twitter.

Interested WZRDs can see the Peddler to burn the COWZRDS (listed WZRDS). Burning a WZRD costs SHROOMS, which are earned from staking. For 20,000 SHROOMS, you can burn a WZRD. A tweet from the project said the Peddler “will only be here for a limited amount of time.” Those that had their NFT burned (and the user who paid for the burning) each receive a Half-Skull WZRDS NFT.

The new mechanism was met with some skepticism, especially after 1,000 listed WZRDS were burned. 

Still, several others seemed to be excited about the novel approach. The project says it is building toward an "epic" story, supported by examples of lore it has tweeted out.

WZRDS Novel Burning Method Excites NFT Collectors