Unisocks NFTs

Unisocks NFT Overview

Project Information

Unisocks is a limited collection of 500 socks NFTs created by Uniswap. In May of 2019, Uniswap created 500 Unisocks NFTs that were sold on a bonding curve, meaning that every Unisocks sold increased the price for the next Unisocks. These 500 Unisocks are backed by 500 physical socks, which can be claimed by burning a Unisocks NFT and removing it from the overall supply. Unisocks holders also benefitted from the release of the Uniswap governance token, $UNI, as Uniswap issued 1,000 $UNI to each address that had redeemed or held a Unisocks NFT. A total of 220,000 $UNI was allocated specifically to Unisocks holders at the time.