Unseen Universe NFTs

Unseen Universe NFT Overview

Project Information

Unseen Universe is a collection of 7,000 AI sculpture NFTs that are raising funds for UN Refugee Aid Germany.

Unseen Universe is inspired by advanced technology: OMR & Audi are raising funds for UN Refugee Aid Germany with an NFT drop of the Unseen Universe AI sculpture by Eylul Alici and Ferdi Alici from Studio OUCHHH. The NFTs come in 5 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and one Legendary. The Legendary NFT will be auctioned separately on Timeless.

The artificial intelligence behind the artwork 'UNSEEN UNIVERSE' collects data where progress is celebrated. Countless real moments at the OMR expo illustrate individual visual data points that shape the digital sculpture in real-time. Vision and drive create the art of the future in form of unique NFTs that raise funds for a good cause.