UpcomingNFT Privilege pass NFTs

UpcomingNFT Privilege pass NFT Overview

Project Information

UpcomingNFT Privilege Pass is a collection of 1,350 multi-utility NFTs created by UpcomingNFT on the Ethereum blockchain. UpcomingNFT is building an all-in-one solution platform for NFT traders and creators. Creators can use the UpcomingNFT platform for marketing help to establish a community without the stress of promoting on their own. Traders are able to utilize the platform to identify trustworthy NFT projects and obtain the ability to mint projects early, receive notifications of potential "rug pulls", and receive reminders and notifications of mint opportunities. 

Holders of five UpcomingNFT Privilege Pass NFTs receive a free mint of an UpcomingNFT Black Pass to access additional benefits of the platform.