Valhalla Releases "Battle Pass" Loyalty Program

Valhalla Releases "Battle Pass" Loyalty Program
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Valhalla announced the launch of Battle Pass, its new loyalty program, geared to reward holders long-term holders of the Valhalla NFTs. 

The Deets

  • Every day an NFT is held, it levels up, with rewards improving at higher levels.
  • Rewards are also enhanced for rarer types of NFTs.
  • Seasonal structure, each lasting 120 days.

The Details

Battle Pass is similar in nature to PROOF's Moonbirds Nesting program, which levels up rewards for those willing to hold their NFTs for a longer period. The program emphasizes the importance of long-term holding, proposing a system where the NFTs 'level up' every day they are held. This concept creates a stark distinction between "long-term holders and short-term airdrop farmers."

At the end of each Battle Pass season, NFT holders earn a rank based on their level. This rank is then permanently recorded on the NFT, creating a lasting legacy of the holder's loyalty. Higher ranks and streaks also trigger more rewards, further encouraging long-term holding.

As they progress holders can also gain rewards on Stacked, Valhalla's web3 video streaming product. 

❗️Why It Matters

The liquidity incentives provided by Blur and other financialization tools have in many ways discinentivized holding NFTs for a long period of time. Additionally, as prices edge lower, holders may be left thinking..."what's the point?" Valhalla aims to buck that trend, creating a loyalty program designed to benefit its real community of holders and users. It's not immediately clear what the benefits or rewards of the program will be, but response to the announcement was largely positive. 

📊 By the Numbers

Valhalla is up more than 18 percent in the last seven days to a floor price of 0.51 ETH.

🎤 Founder Feedback

NFT projects reward holders with airdrops, but they often don't take into account holding time.We believe loyal, long-term holders should receive better rewards than short-term airdrop farmers. Because of this, we've created Battle Pass, a web3 loyalty program.Alex Lin

🎬 Take Action

Valhalla NFT holders can join Battle Pass here

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